A christian bible study group from Pretoria started the Food Parcel project in 2005.

The purpose of the project is to reach out to less fortunate people in Pretoria, by giving them a parcel containing groceries to supply is some of their basic needs.

Groceries are bought in bulk every month and are then divided into smaller parcels. The value of such a parcel will range from R90 - R100. These parcels are then distributed to people on the street or sent to people who are struggling financially.

Currently we have the opportunity to distribute a minimum of 350 packages every month to people who have asked for help. Unfortunately due to financial constraints, we can currently only provide about 50 - 120.

We are asking for you financial support in this community project.



A typical package's value would normally be around R80 and would consist of the following:
1 Evangelical book/pamphlet
1 can Bully Beef
1 can Baked Beans
1 can Spaghetti in tomato sauce
1 can Mixed Vegetables
1 can pilchards in tomato sauce
2 packets Instant Soup
1 packets Instant mince (Soya Mince)
1 packet Sugar (250g)
1 can of Jam
1 pack of Pasta/Pap
1 pack of Rice
1 tube Toothpaste
1 bar Soap